You will learn to understand your dog's basic natural instincts and how they apply to training.  Your dog will learn basic obedience skills that can be utilized in practical applications, while you learn to understand your dogs body language, resulting in better communication.

Our classes are small and interactive, from doggy games to

 hot topics, your experience will be both positive and challenging.  
Dogs have free play time after each class to develop social skills.

Whether you have just adopted a puppy, or an adult dog, a well behaved dog is a pleasure to own!  

More dogs are surrendered due to behaviour problems than any other reason.   Most are easily modified with basic training. Just as you teach your children; so should you teach your dog, they don’t come with the skills. Training your dog should be fun for the entire family and a wonderful experience that will long be remembered.

We strongly recommend ALL family members, especially children 

participate in the training of the family dog.